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Born 1977 in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Lives and works in London, UK.


Goldsmiths College, London, UK


Sic Glyphs, South London Gallery, London, UK
Sightings: Michael Dean, Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, TX
Stamen Papers, Fondazione Giuliani, Rome, Italy

Qualities of Violence, de Appel arts centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jumping Bones, Extra City Kunstal Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium
“Look at them fucking laughing”, Supportico Lopez, Berlin, Germany
Mendes Wood, São Paulo, Brazil

HA HA HA HA HA HA, Kunst Forum Ludwig, Aachen, Germany
Uo, with Henri Chopin, Art Basel (Focus), Supportico Lopez, Basel, Switzerland
Sharing Space, with Fred Sandback, David Zwirner, London, UK

Sounds of Fucking, Sounds of Dying, Mendes Wood, São Paulo, Brazil, Brazil
Michael Dean: The Introduction of Muscle, Arnolfini, Bristol, UK
nnnhnnh nnh nnhnnnhu nnhnhn, Pied-à-terre, San Francisco, CA
hah ahahahahahah ah ahahah, Herald St, London, UK

thoughts, Cubitt, London, UK
Government, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, UK
Architecture of a mother’s arms, Supportico Lopez, Berlin, Germany

Cope, Herald St, London, UK
State of being apart in space, Kunstverein, Freiburg, Germany
Acts of Grass, Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, London, UK
The Colour of Public, Kim? Centre for Contemporary Art, Riga, Latvia
Our Daily Permanence, Fruit, Flowers and clouds: MAK, Austrian Museum of Applied Art, Vienna, Austria
About Painting, ABC, Berlin, Germany

Our Daily Permanence, Nomas Foundation, Rome, Italy
The look of touch, Lorcan O’neil, Rome, Italy
Face, Supportico Lopez, Berlin, Germany
Symmetry of Intimacy, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, UK
The Floor is the Object, INDEPENDENT, New York, NY
Tolerance, Scaramouche, New York, NY

Near to no attention to fears and without anything between the opposite of tears, works|projects, Bristol, UK

Her body in the same place as my body, Alessandro De March, Milan, Italy
You cant reflect in the distance and you don’t reflect distances towards you closing, Feurig59, Berlin, Germany

All the trees bend this way, Guestroom, London, UK


Concrete Islands, Curated by Douglas Fogle and Hanneke Skerath, Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Los Angeles, CA
Par tibi, Roma, nihil, Nomas Foundation, Rome, Italy
The Language of Things, Public Art Fund - City Hall Park, New York, NY
Pierre Guyotat: La matière de nox oeuvre, Galerie Azzedine Alïa, Paris, France
Pure Fiction, Marian Goodman Gallery, Paris, France

The Registry of Promise: The Promise of Literature, Soothsaying and Speaking in Tongues, De Vleeshal, Middelburg, The Netherlands
Beautiful Monsters, Gladstone Gallery, New York, NY
Qwaypurlake, Curated by Simon Morrissey, Hauser & Wirth Somerset, Bruton, UK
Albert The Kid Is Ghosting, The David Roberts Art Foundation, London, UK
Til the stars turn coldcurated by Laura McLean-Ferris and Kyla McDonald, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Glasgow, UK
Speaking Parts, Raven Row, London, UK
Sculptures Also Die, curated by Lorenzo Benedetti, Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina, Florence, Italy
Safe, Home, Manchester, UK
Markus Amm | Alexandra Bircken | Michael Dean, Herald St – Golden Sq, London, UK

The Noing Uv It, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway
The word today serves no one except to say to the grocer give me a pound of lentils, Supportico Lopez, Berlin, Germany
The Library Vaccine, Artist Space, New York, NY
Essential Loneliness, Taylor Macklin, Zürich, Switzerland
The Mystic Gardener, Bonnefanten Hedge House, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Til the stars turn coldcurated by Laura McLean-Ferris and Kyla McDonald, S1, Sheffield, UK
Itself Not So, curated by Rachel Valinsky, Lisa Cooley, New York, NY
Le musée d’une nuit (script for leaving traces) curated by Vincent Honoré, DRAF at the Fondation Hippocrène, Paris, France
MIRRORCITY, curated by Stephanie Rosenthal, The Hayward Gallery, London, UK
Manners of Matter, Curated by Chris Sharp, Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg, Austria
Let Us Mix, Chance & Choice - The Salon, Kim? Centre for Contemporary Art, Riga, Latvia
Hey, I’m Mr Poetic, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, UK
A Thousand Doors, Curated by Iwona Blazwick, Whitechapel Gallery, London UK
Bard Girls Can Fly, White Flag Projects, Saint Louis, Missouri, MO
Everything is About to Happen: Selected by Gregorio Magnani, Corvi Mora, London, UK and Artists Space, New York, NY
Annals of the Twenty Ninth Century, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, UK
To continue. Notes towards a sculpture cycle, Nomas Foundation, Rome, Italy

A History of Inspiration, Palais de Tokyo, curated by Adnan Lyildiz, Paris, France
The Camera’s Blind Spot, MAN - Museo D’arte Provincia Di Nuroro, Sardinia, Italy
Testing Ground: Disappearing into One, Zabludowicz Collection, London, UK
Tactility, Nils Staerk, Copenhagen, Denmark

Pale Ontology, Marc Foxx, Los Angeles, CA
From Stavanger with love, Galleri Opdahl, curated by Chris Sharp, Stravanger, Norway
Accidentally on Purpose, curated by Candice Jacobs and Fay Nicholson QUAD, Derby, UK
Soundworks, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK
A Reader of Materials and a Writer of Forms, MOT International, Brussels, Germany
The Dan Cox Library for the Unfinished Concept of Thingly Time, A project by Andy Holden, Cubitt, London, UK

Beyond the Fragile Geometry of Sculpture, curated by Lorenzo Benedetti, De Vleeshal, Middelburg, The Netherlands
We Will Live, We Will See, curated by Pavel S. Pys, Zabludowicz Collection, London, UK
Two Figures in Dense Violet Night, with Becky Beasley, Lido Projects, St Leonards-on Sea, UK
A Fire in the Masters House is Set, curated by Simon Morrissey, Chapter, Cardiff, UK
Hieroglyphos, curated by Jan Hoet Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Antwerp, Belgium
Friendship of the Peoples, Simon Oldfield Gallery, London, UK
Bold Tendencies, London, UK
Young London, V22, London, UK
Nothing Personal, Marcelle Alix, Paris, France
Part of the Process 4, Zero, Milan, Italy
No colour in your cheeks unless the wind lashes your face, Curated by Timothee Chaillou, IOP, UK & France
Mind Games, China Art Objects, Los Angeles, CA
They Dying Artist, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK

The Daily Exhaustion: The Exhibition of Artist Publications, Curated by Anouk Kruithof, The Future, Berlin, Germany
Volume One: Props, Events and Encounters, curated by Fiona Boundy The Hub, Athens, Greece
The Concrete Show, Galleria Franco Noero, Turin, Italy
Undone: Making and Unmaking in Contemporary Sculpture, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, UK
Our Blindsides, with Becky Beasley, Laura Bartlett, London, UK
V, with Andrew Lord, Ancient and Modern, London, UK
Syndrome, curated by Francesco Pedraglio, Le Magazin, Grenoble, France
Zero Budget Biennial, Rokeby, London, UK
Fade into you, Herald St, London, UK
Les Sculpture Meurent Aussi, Kunsthalle Mulhouse, France
Chasm, curated by Oliver Martinez Kandt, The Dictionary of Received Ideas, London, UK
Sculpture Also Dies (Les Sculptures Muerent Aussi), curated by Lorenzo Benedetti, Kunsthalle Mulhouse, Mulhouse, France

On Paper, curated by Thomas Fischer, Wendt and Friedmann GAlerie, Berlin, Germany
Fallen, Jan Mol, London, UK
The young On Paper, Wendt and Friedmann Galerie, Berlin, Germany
Punctuation Marks: text and language in modern British sculpture, Leeds City Art Gallery, U
The young people visiting our ruins see nothing but a style, GAM Museum of Modern Art, Turin, Italy
A Corpes & a Textes, La Galerie, Noisy-Le-Sec, Paris, France
Sculpture Show, Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK
Black Sun, Souterrain, Berlin, Germany

Rehearsal Room, FormContent, London, UK
Intervention/Decoration, Foreground Projects, Frome, UK
Italia Italie Italien Italy Wlochy, ARCOS Museum of Contemporary Art Sannio, Benevento, Italy
The mythology of everyday matters, Bilton Centre for Contemporary Art, Red Deer, CA
Your ramp my slide, FormContent, London, UK

Yours, T293, Naples, Italy
This is the time (and this is the record of the time), E-Static, Turin, Italy